How to Fix PST Errors When ScanPST.exe Doesn’t Work

PST ErrorSymptoms of a ScanPST.exe Error

You will experience a ScanPST.exe error when you try to use ScanPST.exe to fix corruption problems with your Microsoft Outlook PST File.

Outlook ScannerCause of ScanPST.exe Errors

PST errors arise because of any problems with the PST file, including corruption, viruses, or an oversized file.

PST RepairSolution to Resolve ScanPST.exe Problem

Fixing a PST problem is easy – just don’t use ScanPST.exe. Instead, use something that actually works – like our Outlook PST Repair Tool. We highly recommend this download.

Download Stellar Outlook PST Repair

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Scan a Damaged .PST File and Recover Lost Emails, Contacts, and Calendar Data

Microsoft Outlook PST file errors are incredibly frustrating. One day, you start up Outlook just like you’ve always done, only to be greeted by an obnoxious error message. To make matters worse, this error message says very little about the problem – instead, it simply displays a number like 0x80040600, 0x8004060c, or 0x80040119.
If you have seen any of those error codes when starting up Outlook, then your PST file is experiencing a serious error. And the only way to fix that error is to use a fantastic software program called Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair.


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ScanPST.exe Does Not Fix a PST File. Here’s Why:

After encountering your Outlook error message, you may have looked for help from official Microsoft sources, which recommend downloading a small application called ScanPST.exe. This simple .exe file is designed to fix all problems associated with your PST file. There’s only one problem: it doesn’t work. At all.
At best, ScanPST.exe does nothing. At worst, ScanPST.exe creates more problems for your computer. You can try using it to recover your PST file, but we can virtually guarantee that it won’t work. Go ahead and try it! We’ll be waiting here when you get back.
Instead of trying to recover your PST file using ScanPST.exe, we have an easier solution. Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair is a revolutionary piece of software designed to fix problems that Microsoft couldn’t fix on its own. Instead of putting your computer at risk with ScanPST.exe, take the smarter option and follow the steps listed below.

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Complete Outlook Data Recovery in 3 Simple Steps


ScanPST.exe Problems and Error Messages

ScanPST.exe is one of the most problematic applications ever released by Microsoft. In most cases, it does nothing. In some cases, it harms your computer. And apparently, in one out of every thousand cases or so, it actually fixes the problems that Outlook is experiencing – but we’ve personally never seen it work.
The problem is: ScanPST.exe is too small to be worthwhile. It runs a few simple command scripts and then calls it a day. The PST file is way too complex for such a simple program to handle, which is why ScanPST.exe fails time and time again.

Why are Microsoft Outlook error messages dangerous?

We listed a few Outlook error messages above. In case you missed them, here are the most common Microsoft Outlook error messages you may experience:
In some cases, these error messages are accompanied by a brief message. But in most cases, users are left to guess or Google what those error messages mean. Unfortunately, these error messages can be quite serious. In many cases, they mean the PST file has been corrupted. This corruption can be the result of a faulty hard drive or something more serious – like a data-seeking virus.
In other cases, the PST file is simply too full. That happens when the user sends or receives too many emails, creates too many calendar entries, or fills up a contact book. For whatever reason, Outlook’s PST file has a finite size limit, and when that size limit is reached, recovering your data is surprisingly difficult.

All Right, So How Can I Really Fix Outlook Errors?

Now that we’ve warned you about the dangers of ScanPST.exe as well as the dangers of ignoring the problem, it’s time to tell you about a better solution. That solution is called Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair.
Unlike ScanPST.exe, Stellar Phoenix is a large and complex program. But you wouldn’t know it from the interface. The program has one of the easiest interfaces we’ve ever used. Basically, if you can start up your computer every morning, you won’t have any trouble finding your way around Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair.
Stellar Phoenix repairs the damage caused by a corrupted PST file as well as any damage that ScanPST.exe may have caused. The program downloads and installs within seconds. And after the installation process is complete, users simply click ‘Scan’. The program begins to seek out any and all Outlook PST files on the computer as well as any connected network drives.
In fact, Stellar Phoenix will even sniff out PST files after you’ve uninstalled Outlook. And even PST files that you previously deleted may still be found on the hard drive. In fact, Stellar Phoenix is world-famous as an email recovery tool – and some people download the program just to uncover old emails that they accidentally deleted.
In short, Stellar Phoenix is a phenomenal piece of software designed to make dealing with Outlook problems as easy as possible. You can try running ScanPST.exe all day, but it will virtually never work. Choose a smarter, faster, and easier solution by downloading your free trial of Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair today.

Download Stellar Outlook PST Repair
PST Repair “How-To”
Step 1) Download and run Stellar Phoenix
Step 2) Scan your system for corrupt .PST files
Step 3) Click to recover your information


"I struggled with ScanPST.exe for ages and I couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t work. It took about 2 seconds of Googling to find other people were having similar difficulties. On a recommendation from a friend, I tried out Stellar Phoenix and it fixed my problem in minutes. When I fired up Outlook again (after restarting) I wasn’t missing a single email, contact, or calendar entry. Awesome!" - -JJ

"I’m awful with computers. I can barely send emails on Outlook. But I just wanted to thank you for recommending Stellar Phoenix. It’s so easy to use that I had no trouble recovering my PST file. You basically just press one button and it’s done. Thanks again!" - -Amy Mclean




System Requirements
- Stellar Phoenix will run on any computer with Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP installed
- Supports all versions of Microsoft Outlook from MS Outlook 2000 to MS Outlook 2010
- Requires approximately 10 MB of hard drive space

More Features Means More Recovered Data
-The most full featured PST repair software available today
-Restore Outlook files with entire folder structure intact
-No technical knowledge required
-Recover emails and data in bulk or as individual messages
-Creates a new PST file after recovery that will never encounter errors again
The World’s Best PST Data Recovery Tool
-Prized by businesses and individuals around the world
-No Outlook installation required to preview list of recoverable files
-Simple interface that resembles Outlook for maximum convenience
-Unique user profile created for each PST file
-Recover all deleted emails and data
-Works with MS Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000
-Compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, XP, 2000, and NT4 Service Pack 6


Download Stellar Outlook PST Repair

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